Going Transatlantic – NFL Sponsorship Strategy Reimagined

Led by the NFL, the major US sports federations have accelerated their growth on the other side of the Atlantic in recent years. Luscid’s Commercial Manager Ajay Suglani analyses the considerations this will have on sponsorship strategy at brands and rights-holders alike.

It’s time to focus on the ‘Why?’ behind sponsorship decisions

Sponsorship marketing has sometimes struggled to gain the same level of trust amongst brand marketers as other marketing verticals. Luscid CEO Harry Coe explores why this may be the case – and what can be done to improve matters.

Welcome to the Era of Partnership Marketing!

As audiences engage with their interests and passions more consistently than ever before, Chief Strategy Officer at Luscid, Damien Gillman, emphasises the importance of partnership marketing in helping brands become an organic part of their customers’ daily routine.