About Luscid

The Luscid Story

Today’s digitally connected world makes it easier than ever before for people to engage with their passions – and for brands this leads to an Attention Economy that makes a sports & entertainment partnership a powerful route to the consumer.  But it’s a sector that has been heavily influenced by personal relationships and human bias, rather than transparent, data-driven judgements. And despite a level of financial outlay that continues to grow, the industry faces a lack of trust from brand-marketers.

In January 2022 – Harry Coe and Damien Gillman recognised the need for positive change to bring decision-making in line with other marketing verticals. On a basic level, sponsorship is a marketing channel. But while the likes of digital marketing spend is primarily planned and executed by data driven ad-tech platforms – the sponsorship industry has tended to rely on an analogue human driven approach.

Additionally, many consultants or agencies work for commissions from rights-holders whilst also taking fees from brands to offer strategic guidance. As such, there is a hugely problematic conflict of interest, which takes the emphasis away from objective and accountable strategic planning.

Companies are increasingly being put under the microscope with regards to their choices around sponsorship. An efficient, accurate and transparent solution is needed to enable correct decisions to be made, and this is where Luscid comes into play.

Introducing the team

Harry Coe

Chief Executive Officer

Harry is Co-Founder and CEO of Luscid. His work in data and analytics has strengthened his belief, that Luscid can provide the global scope brands need to make the sponsorship market digestible. Harry combines day to day leadership of Luscid with his role as Chairman of the Sebastian Coe Charitable Foundation.

Damien Gillman

Chief Strategy Officer

Damien is Co-Founder and CSO of Luscid. He provides over 20 years’ experience in the partnerships industry, including numerous strategic and leadership roles. Passionate about driving positive change, whilst leveraging the power of data and technology – Luscid is the culmination of a long-held ambition to deliver an agnostic solution to bring brands and rights holders together more effectively.

Tim Joslyn

Chief Technology Officer

Tim is committed to bringing technology and people together to drive change. He is passionate about nurturing dynamic, diverse teams and creating technology solutions with purpose. Connecting with people and finding new ways to be even more efficient make him happiest. In his role at Luscid, Tim strives for product excellence and the ongoing optimisation of our platform.

Andrew Orrock

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in founding and scaling technology businesses, including founding deep tech data platform provider, IOTICS. Andrew is passionate about taking disruptive technologies to market while enabling teams to thrive at their very best, aligned in pursuit of a bold vision to change the world for the better.